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Jul 21, 2022


New performance tier achieves PG70 ratings without compromising aesthetics

Andersen Windows & Doors has introduced a new PG Upgrade option for A-Series windows that sits between its current Standard (PG50) and Impact with Stormwatch protection (PG70) offering. The new performance tier is now available to quote PG UPGRADEand order as a standard upgrade, starting today, Monday, July 11.

With the upgrade, A-Series windows achieve PG70 ratings for even more performance, added strength and a higher PG/DP value than Andersen’s standard A-Series.

Offering architectural authenticity and unparalleled performance as part of the brand’s Architectural Collection, A-Series are the best-performing and most energy-efficient windows and doors Andersen has ever offered. Now, A-Series customers have the option to upgrade for added performance without compromising design.

The PG Upgrade for A-Series windows is ideal for customers that live in areas like the Northeast that don’t require impact-resistant windows for code, but still want high performance for peace of mind. Benefits include:

  • A-Series windows achieve PG70 ratings with this new performance upgrade option
  • Hidden structural reinforcements allow PG Upgrade units to have the same aesthetic as standard A-Series windows
  • A-Series windows offer one of the best-performing double-hung windows with a PG70 Upgrade option

The new PG Upgrade option for A-Series windows is designed to satisfy*:

  • AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S. 2/A440 “North American”
  • Standard/Specification for windows, doors and skylights” (NAFS)
  • Florida Building Code Product Approvals:
    • FL15497 – Double Hung • FL15551 – Casement
    • FL15552 – Awning/ATV • FL15553 – ATF/APW
    • FL24174 – A-Series Specialty Window • Texas Department of Insurance