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Oct 31, 2019

Buster + Punch Unveils New Door Collection to U.S. Market

Buster Punch DOOR Collection Black Brass Smoke Brass Door handles

The British brand Buster + Punch has introduced a new door hardware collection that carries on the brand’s penchant for edgy and rebellious design.

An expansion of the company’s lighting, switches, and accessories, the new Door collection “injects attitude and personality into ordinary home fittings that are often disregarded,” Buster + Punch says.

“Door is a representation of the Buster + Punch ethos — a product of this disruptive crew of builders, metalworkers, designers and free-thinkers,” says Massimo Buster Minale, founder of Buster + Punch. “The collection repositions typical door hardware as exciting ‘must-have’ fashion items rather than forgettable functional fixtures.”

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Buster Punch DOOR Collection Smoke Bronze Black

Offered in two series of products—Architectural and Pre-Drilled (US Standard bore size)—the products are made from solid metal and feature the company’s signature diamond-cut knurled detailing on the lever handle and thumb turn. Each piece is refined by hand and available in steel, brass, smoked bronze, and black.

“Designed with customization in mind, Door is ideal for architects, designers and homeowners as each item can be matched to any of Buster + Punch’s hardware collections creating a bespoke and cohesive home aesthetic,” the company says.

The Architectural Collection is available in unsprung and sprung configurations. It offers the slimmest profile and diameter rose, the company says. “Architectural should be used on new doors that have not been bored or drilled,” Buster + Punch says. Each bolt-through configuration is 38 millimeters. Unsprung rose diameter is 51 millimeters and has a 4-millimeter profile, while sprung rose has a 57-millimeter diameter and 8-millimeter profile.

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Buster Punch DOOR Collection Architectural Series Thumb Turn Lock Brass

Pre-Drilled collection prducts are designed for standard door configurations that are setup or pre-drilled with a 2 1/8-inch-diameter bore and standard 2 3/8-inch tubular latch backset (a 2 ¾-inch tubular latch option is available). The products offer the company’s integrated spring lever mechanism and are available as a passage or privacy set with built-in push-lock pin placed in the rose. Rose diameter is 65 millimeters with a 4-millimeter profile. Designers may choose a privacy configuration by adding the knurled thumb turn set.

For interior spaces that require a privacy lock, the company offers a Thumb Turn Deadbolt Set. The unit adds a positive lock deadbolt activated by a knurled thumb turn on the inside of the door and a coin-release trim fitting on the outside. The thumb turn set can also be used with any Buster + Punch cabinet pull to create a positive-lock closet or storage door setup.

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Door also offers a Fixed Lever that is perfectly matched with functional door sets. It can be used on stationary doors, roller-latch doors or anywhere a fixed surface-mount lever or large-scale pull feature is required. “Installation allows for multiple mounting points and a fine-tuning leveling feature makes the process simple,” Buster + Punch says.

The collection works on all interior doors using Buster + Punch’s heavy-duty tubular latch and for privacy, can be paired with the matching knurled thumb turn bolt and outside coin-release fitting. The lever sets also work with mortise lock mechanisms for keyed locksets or other applications as required.

Buster Punch DOOR Collection steel Black Bronze

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