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Aug 28, 2017

Duravit Adds New DuraSquare Collection of Geometric-Shaped Products

Duravit DuraSquare collection freestanding tub-room shot

DuraSquare is Duravit's new minimalist collection of ceramic tubs and bath furniture feature rectangular-shaped designs with strikingly thin edges and smooth, curved contours.

"The DuraSquare aesthetic is instantly recognizable as Duravit," says Duravit USA President Tim Schroeder. "As pioneers of the modern bathroom aesthetic, we think of DuraSquare as new brand classic that is cool and contemporary today but will still have a relevant design language over time."

The company says the collection's star piece is the washbasin. Featuring an architectural, highly defined design, the washbasin has thin walls measuring 3/16 inch thick. It’s made from DuraCeram, which creates a beautiful yet durable rim, the company says. The sinks are available in standard dimensions, including 39 and 24 inches (washbasins), 18 inches (hand-rinse basins), and 24 inches (above-counter basins).

Other items in the collectin include DuraSquare furniture, featuring a height-adjustable frame, glass shelves, towel rack, and six colors. Rounding out the collection are bathtubs that mimic the shape found in the washbasins. “Made of the company’s proprietary cast mineral material DuraSolid, the bathtub has a warm, luxurious feel and is available in a freestanding or built-in version,” the company says.

Bathtubs are available in 71 by 31 inches (built-in version) and 73 by 33 inches (freestanding version).