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Feb 16, 2016

GAF Introduces ThermaCal Wall Exterior Insulation Panels

ThermaCal Wall Insulation Panel

Because building energy codes in many parts of the country continue to change, Parsippany, N.J.-based roofing manufacturer GAF has introduced the ThermaCal Wall Insulation Panel to help contractors meet the requirements.

The product adds insulation value to exterior walls, but it also serves as a nailable base for exterior siding. Moreover, it helps to reduce heat loss and the associated energy costs. As a result, it meets the increased R-value energy code requirements being adopted in certain climate zones.

“Insulating only the cavity wall leaves up to 25 percent of the wall area underinsulated by studs, creating a thermal bridge,” the manufacturer says. “Installing ThermaCal Wall Panels helps eliminate thermal bridging by covering the studs while adding continuous insulation to the rest of the wall. The panels also help minimize heat loss through their exclusive tongue-and-groove design.”

ThermaCal attaches to structural exterior wall sheathing, metal, or masonry walls.