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Mar 9, 2020

Gaggenau Unveils Next Gen Collection of Combi-Steam Ovens

 Gaggenau 400 series Combi Steam oven single

After introducing the combi-steam oven in 1999, German appliance manufacturer Gaggenau has unveiled the new and technologically advanced 400 series of products offering updated features.

The new 400 series combi-steam oven includes a full-surface grill hidden behind ceramic glass; glare-free, emotive lighting through invisible LEDs; and the addition of a multicore temperature probe, among other updates. “The temperature probe offers accurate temperature reading, with a variance of one degree within a certain range. The probe features three temperature sensors and continually revises the estimated cooking time based on the sensor’s readings, ensuring high quality results during each use.

Typically used in catering and professional kitchens, combi-steam ovens can produce both dry and moist heat. The units are billed as a healthier way to cook and have risen in popularity in the last five years. Gaggenau says it was the first company to introduce the combi-steam to consumers in 1999.


Gaggenau 400 series Combi Steam oven open sous vide drawer


“Since then, Gaggenau has pioneered numerous technical, design and performance innovations for the home including accurate temperature regulation at one-degree intervals from 120 desgrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit that ensures the food’s vitamins, minerals, consistency and color remain unaltered, a fixed water connection and fully automatic cleaning system. 

“This year,” the company continues, “the brand introduces new progressive features: Home Connect technology, a full surface grill behind ceramic glass, degree accurate multi-core temperature probe, automatic programs including the ability to modify or record your own dish, and a 33 percent increased oven capacity.”

Gaggenau increased the oven cavity by 33 percent, filling the full width of the appliance and enabling more space. The increase in size, the company says, allows consumers almost limitless choices when it comes to ingredients and dishes that can be accommodated inside the oven.


Gaggenau 400 series Combi Steam oven sous vide

The company says the oven also offers these attributes:

  • The only professional self cleaning oven on the market
  • A one-stop-shop for all cooking needs - braising, broiling, baking, steam cooking, and sous-vide
  • A full surface grill behind ceramic glass to ensure a perfectly spotless finish when cooking/cleaning
  • A fixed water connection, so water can be injected into the cavity interior to reduce steam build-up on the glass door to avoid opening/closing the oven to check on food
  • Reduces excess steam by 66 percent to avoid water droplets forming on food/when opening the oven
  • A multicore temperature probe ensuring precision and accuracy when cooking
  • Five humidity levels
  • Can be customized with up to 50 recipes saved with a recording function, or with the use of preset recipes which can be edited by the one degree interval .

The company says amateur and professional chefs also will enjoy the simplicity and guaranteed success of the new automatic program functionality. It offers manual settings to control heating mode, temperature and timing, so chefs can rely on pre-programmed dishes, modify existing programs to better suit their preferences, or create and save their own perfect program.

“Two decades of refinement and innovation has brought us here,” says Dr. Peter Goetz, managing director of Global Brand Gaggenau. “Our technological leadership has enabled us to create an appliance that creates perfect results. We’ve enhanced the aesthetic and removed any restrictions. We believe that the ability to cook like a professional is a statement of luxury that culinary enthusiasts require and we look forward to continuing to lead the way as pioneers in both steam cooking technology and professional food preparation.”

The combi-steam ovens are available in 24- and 30-inch sizes.


Gaggenau 400 series Combi Steam oven doors closed


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