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Jan 5, 2021

Hopes Expands Historic Arrow-Shaped Line for Operable Windows, Doors

Hope's One55 Windows

Photo: Courtesy Connie Zhou

Custom window and door systems manufacturer Hope’s Windows will now offer its One55 Series of products with the company’s Thermal Evolution Technology, which adds enhanced thermal efficiency and resistance to condensation.

Hope’s One55 Series of hot-rolled thermal steel windows is one of the eight collections the company offers and can be used for projects requiring a replication of historic steel windows with arrow-shaped profiles. One55 brings narrow sightlines and unique profiles, the company says, and can be used for both new construction or replacement projects.

“One55 Series is a staple in our classic suite of products, so it’s important to make it available for any client-requested application,” says Ryan Carlson, research and development manager for Hope’s. “We strive to continuously develop new ideas and concepts specific to our clients’ needs, and One55 Series thermal steel windows are a result of that commitment.”



Arrow profile window frames

Fixed sightlines measure at ¾ of an inch with new operable sightlines measuring at 2⅞ of an inch. 

Now, residential construction pros can specify windows and doors with the same features and arrow-shaped profiles now with operable options. The expansion features fusion-welded frames and muntin construction, welded steel simulated or true divided-lite muntin options, and the company’s trademarked Power of 5 Finishing System, says Hope’s.

Power of 5 Finishing System includes five steps for optimal finishing: cleaning, pretreatment, epoxy e-coat primer, epoxy powder primer, and then the ultrathane polyurethane top coat. The top coat provides UV stability, along with low chalking and fading characteristics, and can come in nearly any color with more than 70,000 hues available, according to the company.



One55 series expansion hope's windows

The One55 collection initially came to fruition from a project Hope’s completed for the Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard’s Building 155 in 2013 where the company manufactured 1,700 custom arrow-shaped profile windows.

“Today, 1,700 new steel-framed windows encompass all four tiers of the facility on each side of the building,” Hope’s said of the project. “The new windows not only fit historic preservation requirements, but are also aesthetically pleasing and allow for greater visibility for personnel working within.”

In addition to adding operable products, these new options will feature Hope’s Thermal Evolution Technology, which adds a fiber-reinforced polymer isolator that is manufactured within the hot-rolled steel frame profile. The highly thermally resistant polymer isolator is structurally bonded to the frame, making it stronger, and giving it higher resistance to condensation, Hope’s says.

To finish off the windows and doors, the fixed and new operable configurations can either be glazed with monolithic or insulated glass. The company also says its One55 Series helps to exceed local criterias for air filtration, water penetration, structural, forced entry, middle and cyclic pressure, hurricane windborne debris, airblast loading, and dynamic overpressure loadings. 

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