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Nov 21, 2016

LAMP Announces Winners in International Lighting Design Competition

Phaeton by James Donega, Emerging Runner Up

The Lighting Architecture Movement Project (LAMP) has announced the winners in its fourth annual international lighting design awards, with winners hailing from New York, Italy, and Austria.

"This year's 'Cosmic' themed L A M P competition explored the link between sculptural object and far-reaching technologies”, says judge Rosie Li from Rosie Li Studio in Brooklyn, New York. “As a judge, I was delighted to see each entry present a unique vision of the future. May we all—as artists, designers, and makers—continue exploring these visions to define a creative future where art and science blend together."

Founded in 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia, LAMP is a group installation and exhibition that showcases light and form through the lens of architectural design. The group says it aims to introduce a broader audience to lighting design while promoting and connecting emerging talent to new markets.

“The lighting design competition offers designers the opportunity to engage their talents in unique conceptual explorations and to connect the local community to architecture and design,” LAMP says. “ Each year presents a new theme and new set of guidelines to challenge entrants.”

This year’s awards received 132 submissions worldwide (from 80 cities and 27 countries) and celebrate the best in established, emerging, and student designers.


Established Winner: Black Hole Lamp by Dario Narvaez + Anthony Baxter

The Black Hole Lamp controls the intensity of the light being emitted by creating a funnel from which the light cannot escape. In the “on” position the reflective disc of material is fully illuminated, but as the flexible disc is drawn back towards the center of the black hole, the light gets dimmer until it eventually disappears.


Emerging Winner: Antitesi by Luca Mazzon & Alessandro Dadone

Fascinated by the beauty and the mystical powers of the night sky, and the universe, the the duo designed a concept in which the light shows these two natures, just like two equivalent answers to the same question. The hanging disc receives light from a single source, and reflects back two different views from a dichroic film. 


Student Winner: HENYX by Anna Tomschik

Inspired by the natural reality of sun and moon, a bedside table light has been designed. Based on the user’s circadian rhythm, the luminaire assists by waking up and falling asleep in a pleasant way. Via mobile app, an individual set up can be made regarding light intensity and color temperature.