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May 15, 2019

New System Allows House Vents to Almost Disappear

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Hide-A-Vent is a new system that allows contractors to blend dryer, bath, or range hood vents into a variety of siding material, including clapboard, shingles, and vinyl.

"For years on the job, I have seen countless homes with such beautiful exteriors, but there was always one aspect that stood out - and not in a good way," inventor Michael Heinrichs says. "We look forward to seeing the transformation of vents in homes across the country."

Heinrichs, who spent more than 30 years in kitchen and bath design and remodeling industry, wanted to improve a product category that is necessary in every house, allowing air or gas from appliances and moisture and odor to be discharged from the home.

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At first glance, Hide-A-Vent systems look like conventional products, but they can be blended into any siding and camouflages the exterior vents. A customizable cover accepts any section of siding.

“After a quick and easy installation, a section of siding can be applied to the cover,” the company says. “The vent and matching piece of siding are used to create the illusion of continuous siding.”

Hide-A-Vent models are available in two sizes: Model A disguises dryer vents and bathroom ceiling fans with a 4-inch round opening, while Model B fits microwave hoods and most residential kitchen hoods with a 3¼-inch by 10¼-inch rectangular opening.  

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