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Aug 28, 2017

Niagara Conservation Unveils New Toilet That Uses .95 Gallon

Niagara Conservation Phantom toilet

The Stealth Phantom by Niagara Conservation is an ultra-high-efficiency toilet that flushes with either .95 gallon of water or a stingy half-gallon.

Niagara calls it the most upscale ultra-high-efficiency toilet on the market. The Phantom features Niagara’s patented Stealth technology in a luxurious lean silhouette.

The company says its products are “the most efficient toilets on the globe—working better and wasting nothing.” Designed to save water and money, the two-piece unit offers a narrow, smooth tank with a skirted easy-to-clean silhouette and an elongated bowl. It also features an extended footprint design that easily covers the existing footprint of another toilet in a retrofit situation.