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Jun 10, 2021

Parisian Brand Now Offering 15 Vivid Colors for Appliances

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Menthe de L’orient

L’Atelier Paris, a French appliance and metal cabinetry manufacturer, recently expanded its color options with the addition of 15 limited edition bright hues, continuing a trend to bring more color and personal touches to kitchen design in the U.S.

The company says its latest collection aims to infuse the kitchen with positivity, joy, and inspiration. It’s based on the fashion-forward life of Parisians and a cultural saying, joie de vivre, which means exuberant enjoyment of life.

“We are thrilled to be launching a new and refreshing color palette,” says Maria Moraes, co-founder and Creative Director for L’Atelier Paris Haute Design. “For this collection, we created 15 exclusive colors that beautifully complement our brand’s exceptional craftsmanship, Parisian-inspired designs, and cutting-edge technology in our custom ranges and cabinetry.”


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French kitchen design often balances between old and new with antique accents against modern designs, according to L'Atelier Paris. French countryside design features elements that tie into current design trends in America, such as an increase of interest in natural and organic design. The company says a French kitchen should include natural materials as a nod to the countryside.

An increasing number of homeowners want to add a personal touch to their home design, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Americans are spending even more time in the kitchen as a result of the pandemic shifting lifestyles, making it an ideal zone to infuse with some personality. 

Colorful appliances are one way to satisfy such demand. Stainless steel will remain popular for appliances, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) 2021 Design Trends Report, but homeowners and designers are getting more creative with some cabinetry. Kitchen islands are the spots where designers see more adventurous choices, such as colored cabinets and different counter materials, says the NKBA report.


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Meanwhile, Houzz’s 2021 Kitchen Trends Study found homeowners opted for pops of blue most often, and a growing share specified black appliances. The National Association of Home Builders’ What Home Buyers Really Want 2021 study saw a slight increase in interest for black and white appliances compared to 2018 results.

L’Atelier Paris’ 15 new shades can be ordered on any of the brand’s ranges and metal cabinetry. The brand designs and manufactures custom kitchens with a distinctly French style, offering three range styles, an array of trim finishes, cooking elements, hoods, cabinets, built-in wall ovens, sinks, and faucets.

Colors now available are:

  • Bleu Emeraude (Emerald Blue): Medium-toned blue
  • Brise Tropicale (Tropical Breeze): Vibrant aqua
  • Cote D’or (Golden Coast): Orange with dark undertones
  • Craie Rose (Chalk Pink): Dusty rose
  • Goyave Orange (Orange Guava): Pastel orange
  • Jaune Provencal (Provencal Yellow): Muted yellow
  • Menthe de L’orient (Oriental Mint): Pale green
  • Orchidee Lavande (Lavender Orchid): True light purple
  • Perle de Mousse de Mer (Sea Moss Pearl): Vivid green-blue 
  • Pincee de Rose (Rose Pinch): Dark dusty rose
  • Rosette Rose: The perfect pink
  • Printemps Violet (Spring Violet): Pastel mix between pink and purple
  • Sublime (Gorgeous): Grassy chartreuse 
  • Turquoise: Deep and subtle 
  • Vrai Bleu (True Blue): Sky blue
Caroline Broderick

Caroline Broderick is the associate editor of PRODUCTS.

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