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Aug 17, 2021

Sakrete® Launches Concrete Combat – The First-Ever Concrete Competition Series

concrete combat
Who will cement their name in history and who will crack under the pressure?

Atlanta, GA -  Sakrete, part of Oldcastle APG, introduces the first ever concrete competition series with the same reality TV show feel and spirit of competition seen on Iron Chef, Forged in Fire and Dirty Jobs. Now, the dramatic elements of those classic shows are combined in a knock-down, drag-out concrete battle royale: Sakrete’s Concrete Combat available on YouTube.

Each episode of Concrete Combat pits two teams of professional contractors against each other in a head-to-head concrete construction or repair challenge designed to test concrete know-how in a wide variety of scenarios.

Concrete Combat was conceived as a test of skill, first and foremost,” said Dave Jackson, Senior Brand Manager for Sakrete. “Though we certainly want viewers to appreciate what Sakrete products can do, it’s really all about recognizing and paying respect to the skill and expertise that our competitors bring to the table.”

Concrete Combat’s Season 1 features eight teams from across the US competing at the Sakrete Concrete Coliseum in a single-elimination showdown – win and advance, lose and go home.

Challenges include pouring slabs, repairing damaged concrete, setting fence posts, and more. All of the tools and materials are provided to the contestants, but they have no idea what challenge they’re facing until it’s revealed at the beginning of each episode.

“Some competitors will get lucky with projects that they’re very familiar with and others will find themselves in completely new territory – the ultimate test of concrete mastery,” said Jackson.

Hosted by Brittany Goodwin (If You’re Gone, The Perfect Race), each competition is judged by concrete veterans Mike Day, a widely-viewed concrete expert on YouTube and the owner of Day’s Concrete Floors in Monmouth, ME and Dirk Tharpe, Sakrete’s resident concrete expert. A special guest judge joins Mike and Dirk every episode to lend their own project-specific expertise to the panel.

With two episodes available on YouTube, the competition is already starting to heat up in the run-up to the grand finale to be filmed live at World of Concrete 2022 in Las Vegas. Who will cement their name in history and who will crack under the pressure?

Check out the first two episodes on the Sakrete YouTube Channel and stay tuned for new episodes every month through November to find out who will reign supreme in concrete perfection!

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