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Sep 9, 2021

How This Home Improvement Company Uses improveit 360


Brian Gottlieb, CEO of home improvement company Tundraland, says there are plenty of industry-specific customer relationship management (CRM) softwares out there, but his company favors improveit 360.

On this previous segment of HorizonTV, Gottlieb shares why this CRM is his company's favorite and how CRMs can be used to better your business.


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Pro Remodeler: So does Tundraland use a certain accounting program or platform to track trends in your KPIs?

Gottlieb: Yeah, well you knowm we use a Quickbooks Pro as an accounting software but more importantly is the CRM, the customer relationship management software, which is the accounting software's accounting software. Again, an industry-specific CRM we like improveit 360. We're big fans. It's really a cool program but there's MarketSharp and there are others out there that are industry-specific and will help you get a long way in your business attractions.

PR: So why did you choose that specific tool for your CRM?

G: Analysis paralysis capabilities. What I love about improveit 360—First of all, just to get techie for a second, it has an open API and that means that it can talk to other things inside of our business and other marketing sources and websites. But the other thing is that we get to be able to we can actually build our own reports. So we can really see if we really want to look at the business through a different lens. improveit 360, which is a salesforce platform, allows you to really build out how you want. We love that.

PR: That's a really great overview. What is your favorite feature of improveit 360 that you use on a daily basis?

G: For sure report building is easy to look at. Their dashboard system is pretty awesome and I would say dashboard and report building.