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May 31, 2018

Video: GE Debuts New Lighting Products at Lowe's

GE Lighting has partnered with Lowe's Home Improvement stores to create a new, intuitive lighting aisle featuring some of the company's newest products.

The lighting aisle redesign comes after GE Lighting found that "consumers leave stores with the wrong light bulb 40 percent of the time," says Alicia Gauer, the director of communications at GE Lighting. The new partnership affects all U.S. Lowe's locations.

The company hopes that the new aisle organization at Lowe's and GE's straightforward product packaging will help combat consumer confusion. GE is featuring its new HD, or High Definition, line of light bulbs, that includes Relax for more comfortable home settings and Refresh for more active settings. Relax has a soft white light, while Refresh more closely mimics daylight.

The company was also showing off Vintage, its newest release of filament-look LED bulbs.

"For years now, whether it's been from fashion to home decor, what's old is really new again," Gauer says of the inspiration behind Vintage. "Consumers have loved this vintage light bulb where they could actually see the filament in the light bulb and cast that more amber hue indicative of vintage. But yet in this era of LED they wanted something that was ultra-efficient and going to last a long time."

See our conversation with Gauer and close-ups of the new products in the video above.


We found consumers leave stores with the wrong light bulb 40% of the time anybody in the professional space that's designing a space or specking a space for a homeowner we have several new products that will help those folks create the right environment we have a new line of lightbulbs called HD and that stands for high-definition that's really designed with a higher CRI it's really boost how colors and textures are viewed throughout the home so we have this relaxed fall that upon picking it up you should know the super relaxing spaces so it's more soft white and then it's sister product we have the Refresh light bulb and that's really more of a daylight what we're introducing at Lowe's are vintage lightbulbs that are all LED so great energy savings along life but they look like the old incandescent era bulbs LEDs they're not a new technology right but we are continuing to see consumers just now coming into the adoption of LEDs and that's because the technology has really come up as the costs have come down we expect that half of all residential sockets in the US by 2020 will have an LED today we're about 30% so we have some room to grow.

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