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Feb 22, 2016

This Z-Wave Device Alerts Homeowners of Floods, Leaks

The Smart Flow Detector lets homeowners detect a water leak from a plumbing failure before it becomes damaging.

Nortek Security & Control has introduced a variety of GoControl smart products that allows builders and remodelers to provide buyers and clents with flood- and leak-detection.

“The GoControl water solutions extend our smart home offerings into what consumers have identified as high priority areas and provide builders with solutions to enhance value to new homes through a mix of wireless irrigation control for better resource conservation, as well as flood and leak warnings, to help protect against water damage,” says Rob Halligan, group vice president of marketing for Nortek Security & Control.

Designed for builders looking to integrate a water detection solution into their homes, the Smart Flood Detector is a small device that can be placed in hard-to-reach areas such as under a sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, or washing machine. When water or an unusually high level of moisture is detected, a signal is sent to the Z-Wave hub and triggers an alert to homeowners.

The Smart Flow Detector, on the other hand, lets homeowners detect a water leak from a plumbing failure before it becomes damaging. “Easily attached to a copper water pipe, the Smart Flow Detector does not require builders to hire a plumber or for pipes to be cut to be installed, and will send alerts to the homeowner’s smartphone when water has been flowing for longer than their pre-determined parameters,” the company says.

Nortek also introduced Smart Irrigation Controller for landscape irrigation management and a 2GIG Tilt Sensor, a wireless way to detect the open/closed status of a garage door.

All GoControl products include the Z-Wave 500 Series chip and will have Z-Wave Plus certification.