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Jan 10, 2019

Leviton Unveils Dimmer with Voice Activation

Leviton Decora Voice controlled Dimmer with cell phone app

Electrical products brand Leviton has developed an Alexa-enabled wall switch that allows voice activation without the need for additional hardware.

The new Decora Wi-Fi lighting control device combines full-range dimming and three-way capability, but it also comes with embedded voice control via Alexa, which works with the My Leviton app and Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices to create a whole-home lighting control system, the company says.

“Whether you’re in the middle of cooking dinner and you need to shine more light on the stove top, or you’re relaxing on the couch and don’t want to miss the next scene, having hands-free voice control of your lighting is easier than ever with Decora Voice,” says Tom Leonard, vice president of marketing and product management for Leviton Energy Management, Controls, & Automation. “With this new voice-powered lighting control solution, Leviton is working to declutter the home by adding more intelligence to your common light switch—from maintaining schedules during temporary internet outages to integrating voice control.”

Announced this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, the Decora Voice Dimmer allows scheduling and control from anywhere via the My Leviton app. The unit incorporates the intelligence and capabilities of the voice service into any space via the in-wall dimmer.

Leviton Decora Voice controlled Dimmer angle

“Homeowners can now just use their voice to dim and brighten lights, listen to the news, get the weather, control smart home devices, and more—all through the Decora Voice Dimmer,” the company says in a release. “Decora Voice doesn’t take up counter or desk space, and can replace any standard light switch with a neutral wire in new or existing homes.”

Leviton says the dimmer allows homeowners to do a lot of things:

  • Homeowners can say, “Alexa, Turn On All Lights”, to have all the Decora smart switches, dimmers, and smart plugs throughout the home react appropriately.
  • They can create a schedule for the Decora Voice Dimmer along with other Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices to dim, brighten, turn on, or turn off throughout the day by easily setting a sunrise, sunset, or time-specific schedule for each device.
  • They can add the voice dimmer to any lighting scene, such as “Movie Time,” so the devices work together to illuminate the room for the best viewing experience.
  • Buyers can use the My Leviton app from anywhere to dim or brighten lights connected to Decora Voice.
  • Combine the device with other platforms, including Google Assistant, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, and more to build out a complete voice-controlled smart home.

The Decora Voice Dimmer is expected to be available mid-2019.

Leviton Decora Voice controlled Dimmer straight